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About Grow with you

This is a network of hubs-libraries of toys throughout Ukraine.  Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly. Everything is like in an ordinary library   (there is even a library card), only instead of books there are toys.  Now we focus on helping children who have been forced to change their place of residence. But later, libraries will open their doors to all kids who want unlimited access to new acquaintances, knowledge and, of course, toys

We are convinced that:

Sharing economy is the future.

ANDfirst of all, the new model will come to the world of children's goods. In the near future we will forget about the closed circle I bought - used for 3 months - threw away. 

The right to education and early development is basic.

Mand we bear many losses, and it is critically important to preserve the future and the generation that will build it. 

Strong when united.

No Ukrainian, let alone a child, should feel abandoned. Our task is to build connections that will contribute to the integration of those affected by the war.

About us

When society faces so many challenges at the same time, it is impossible to solve them in traditional ways.  

The  toy library is a project that popularizes a new model of consumption and will become part of the city infrastructure in the future.

At the same time, more than 6 million Ukrainians were forced to change their place of residence. Building a life from scratch is difficult, especially when you are with a little human.

We believe that Ukraine is the best place for innovative solutions. They are not only timely, but also necessary. 

Nastya Slipets, Alina Kizlevych 

Our visitors 

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